Bio + Contact

animeevan4shI specialize in gag cartoons and caricatures but am quite skilled in producing editorial cartoons, editorial illustrations, storyboards, children’s books, spot illustrations and carbon dioxide. You may remember me from such gag cartoons in the “New Yorker” such as, “Guess Who?” or “I said I don’t want to fight. That’s your cue to apologize.” Or, you may not. My cartoons have also appeared in “Reader’s Digest”, “Funny Times”, “The Low Down” and “The Villager”.

I was born on the isle of Manhattan and raised, not on the UK channel isle but the United State of Jersey. I spent about 20 years there until I escaped to art school, the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn who saw fit to give me a BFA in Art Direction. I ping-ponged across the Hudson for about fifteen years before settling into the Lower East Side, where I now reside. In addition to cartooning I help raise my sons and keep my wife balanced. Usually on her head.

Please visit my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page for lots more about me and other humorous tidbits.

Can’t stand to be away from Purchase a little bit of 4sh goodness to call your own. Note: No human Forsches are for sale, but please feel free to borrow my kids for a few days.